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  • Enjoyed by some of the world's healthiest people.
  • People in Crete have less heart disease and live longer.
  • Minos extra virgin olive oil from Crete:
    the key to the Mediterranean Diet.

    Perhaps the best exponent of the famous Mediterranean diet can be found in Crete, where studies have shown that the traditional population has one of the lowest rates of heart disease and longest life expectancies in the world.

    These people eat a liberal mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, but it's the local extra virgin olive oil that forms the cornerstone of their diet.

    Great tasting Minos is richer in colour than other olive oils and packed with a variety of important anti-oxidants. Even better news is that Minos extra virgin olive oil from Crete is now available in Australian supermarkets.

    In this site you can learn all about where Minos extra virgin olive oil is made, how it is made and where you can buy it. There is even a free recipe section.

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